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Jyoti Singh Testimonial By Yoga Teacher Training Course Student at
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Truly Enriching Expirence #YogaAnatomyCourse @ Medical Yoga Centre with Dr Deepak Sachdeva

Dr Sachdeva's most popular #HealthTalk in Australia on How to stay fit for 100 years

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#YogaAnatomyCourse with Dr Deepak Sachdeva's #MedicalYogaCentre

This Anatomy course is way too advanced than anatomy taught during YTTC

Incredibly useful and amazingly easy #YogaAnatomyCourse with #DrDeepakSachdeva at #MedicalYogaCentre

Alex Believes that the Yoga Anatomy course has been an eye opener and she’ll use this knowledge to teach her students in her class.

मैं अपने घुटनों को मोड़कर नहीं बैठ सकता था। मेडिकल योगा सेन्टर आने से घुटना ठीक हो गया है।

“I, Veena Sachdeva had multiple problems like Lower back pain, knee pain heel pain, Sciatica when I came here. In last one and a half month I have recovered from almost everything.” Listen from her directly:

“I too have recovered from knee pain like all others who are coming here from all around” says Rekha Batra.

“Doctors in Jaipur and Ahmadabad recommended me urgent knee Replacement” says Mahinder Kumar from Jaipur. Listen to what he has to say more:

Dr Deepak Sachdeva Speaking on Loksabha TV show ‘Rog-Nirog’ about Medical Yoga and Osteo-Arthritis og the knee joint

Dr Deepak Sachdeva Speaking on Loksabha TV show ‘Rog-Nirog’ about Medical Yoga and Osteo-Arthritis of the Hip joint

How does it feels to be a Doctor himself and a patient of Cervical Spondylitis and Lower back slip disc? Listen to his experience about medicalYoga Centre on national television:

Whole Left side body pain and her recovery with Medical Yoga. Listen to Ms. Kamlesh Aggarwal about her experience at Medical Yoga centre

Dr Deepak Sachdeva Speaking on Loksabha TV show ‘Rog-Nirog’ about Medical Yoga and Cervical Spondylitis

An advance case of Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) says “I have got a new life here.”

50% to 80% recovery has happened in different body parts. RoM has increased considerably. Everyone now tells me that I have improved a lot.

Dr Deepak Sachdeva Speaking on Loksabha TV show ‘Rog-Nirog’ about Medical Yoga and Ankylosing Spondylitis

Dr Manish Gupta, a Laparoscopic surgeon finds cure for his back slip-disc's solution. He Says: “I am a live example of that this treatment is highly effective.”

“Come here before back surgery. My nerve was pinched. I couldn't stand-up due to acute Lower back sciatic pain earlier and now I am doing so well that I went for a drive of 400kms in one day”

“3 doctors recommended lower back surgery to me. I was popping 3 Muscle relaxants, 2 pain killers daily” says Parminder Singh.

Anshu from Australia says: “My Massage therapist was amazed to see my Back Muscles when we meet after 3yrs”

“I was hospitalised due to lower back pain & Surgery was recommend. #DrSachdeva's MedicalYoga saved me” Says Chandar Shakher, CEO of and Insurance MSME

Dr Deepak Sachdeva says “There are over a dozen reasons for back pain but most of them are easily reversible through some corrections in our daily routine.”

Care for Back Pain: tips by Dr Deepak Sachdeva

“Medical yoga has been very helpful for me to heal my thyroid, body pain and various other issues” Usha mittal